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Preparing for Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Financing Requirements: Useful Tips

Preparing for Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Financing Requirements: Useful Tips
"""Remember that the definition of buy here pay here dealers is dealerships that provide direct financing to customers. This forces each dealer to establish his own criteria for what is required for them to have confidence that the money they invest in their customers will not be lost. This makes the creation of a rigid table with actual requirements nearly impossible. However, below are the basic requirements and hints as to why dealers would need them.

1. A form of identification with a photograph of the customer requesting financing approval for verification purposes.

A recent utility bill to verify the customer's address in the event that payments are not made on time. Even though most identification cards, such as state IDs and driver's licenses, contain the customer's address, it is frequently several years old and therefore not updated to the most recent address; however, a bill would contain the most recent address.

3. Proof of income - This can be in the form of check stubs or direct deposit into a bank account, with a bank statement for verification. Alternatively, it may come from Social Security Disability benefits or other dependable sources. Each dealer would establish their own standards for what constitutes reliable income sources. Remember that some dealers intend to garnish wages in the event that payments are not made, the vehicle is not returned, or it cannot be located for repossession.

Some businesses require a customer's bank statement to reveal how they spend their money. When calculating the approved loan amount to be granted to the customer, dealers would take into account any other car payments that appear on the customer's statements. Even with a high income, this customer is less likely to be able to make large monthly payments due to the increase in his living expenses.

The amount of the down payment varies greatly from dealer to dealer, vehicle to vehicle, and even customer to customer. First, this is why some dealers offer incentives while others do not. Second, customers may request extremely expensive automobiles. Thirdly, customers may request averagely priced vehicles, but their income may not be sufficient to cover the monthly payments as well as other expenses, so dealers require larger down payments to mitigate the inherent risk in such transactions. Customers must remember that even if dealers do not require a down payment, this does not imply that they have no cash on hand. Customers are still required by law in the majority of states to pay all vehicle taxes in one lump sum at the beginning of the sale. Additionally, there are registration fees that customers must pay.

6.References - Numerous dealers require customers to provide personal references. When necessary, dealerships would contact these individuals and request information about the whereabouts of customers. This is intended to be a secure method for dealers to locate customers in the event that payments are not made and the vehicles cannot be located for repossession."""

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