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Alert! Buy Here Pay Here Is Neither Beneficial Nor Detrimental to Your Credit Score!

Alert! Buy Here Pay Here Is Neither Beneficial Nor Detrimental to Your Credit Score!
"""Recognizing Credit Scores

The range of credit scores is 300 to 850. With these general guidelines:
35% of payment record
30% added to outstanding balances relative to loan limits
15% to credit history length
10% to credit types used
10% to fresh credit applications for new loans

Effects Of Auto Loans On Credit Scores

Buy here, pay here auto dealerships are fantastic because they accept customers with any credit rating. However, the offered vehicles are frequently older, so many people are forced to use them because no other lender would grant them a loan. These individuals frequently anticipate that after a period of on-time payments, their credit scores will be sufficient for other lenders to approve them for newer vehicles or other loans.

However, it takes time and effort for lenders to report payment histories to credit bureaus; for smaller lenders, this can be a hindrance to their ability to operate their businesses. This is why many buy here pay here dealers choose not to report to credit bureaus, thereby reducing operating expenses.

Some advertisements claim that each timely monthly payment can increase the credit score by 10 to 15 points! Only if the dealers actually report to the credit bureaus is this true. For this reason, it is crucial for customers interested in boosting their credit scores to inquire whether or not the dealerships report their payment activities. Typically, larger franchised buy here pay here dealerships would report payments. However, there are three major credit reporting agencies, and some dealers only report to one or two of them. If they only report to one or two of the agencies as opposed to all three, then the customers' credit scores will only be affected at those particular agencies.

Nonetheless, if the customers discover after signing the contract documents that the dealerships do not report the payments to the credit agencies, they can keep receipts of their payments and use them to persuade other lenders that they can be trusted to make payments on time. Even if the car payments are not reflected on the customer's credit report, these receipts can demonstrate the customer's dependability.

If, on the other hand, the dealerships do not report payment activity and the customers are frequently late on their car payments, then the late payments would not lower the customers' credit scores. However, late payments frequently incur additional late fees and other penalties.


Customers with average credit scores can purchase a vehicle from a traditional dealer, albeit at a higher interest rate and with a more complicated approval process. However, if a customer is denied a loan by a conventional dealer, they should remember that in-house financing car lots can approve them easily.

Of course, there are additional ways to improve credit scores, such as opening secured credit card accounts. These accounts, from banks or credit unions, are reported to credit bureaus and are a great way to increase one's credit score, even if no one will lend them money. These cards function by requiring customers to pay in advance and using only the amount paid as the credit limit. These accounts are similar to reloadable pre-paid credit cards, but because they are reported under the client's social security number, they can be used to demonstrate that the client can make timely payments."""

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