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What You Need to Know About Pacific Tycoon Container Malpractice

What You Need to Know About Pacific Tycoon Container Malpractice
"""If you've heard of container investments, you've most likely heard of the Pacific Tycoon scam. Because of the numerous scams that exist, Pacific Tycoon is just another container scam that you should be wary of. Don't buy any containers until you've done extensive research on them. <br /><br /> The procedure is fairly straightforward. You purchase containers from developing countries at a lower cost. Then you contract with a company like Pacific Tycoon to lease your containers to their clients. After a 9-10 month delay, the containers arrive in China and are profitably sold. The company takes a small cut, and you get the rest. <br /><br /> When you open the website associated with the company, in this case Pacific Tycoon, you will be greeted with a very aesthetically pleasing website that can easily fool you into thinking it is original. In real life, the catchy advertisement followed by the insane return promises can be quite misleading. Take note that they promise a fixed return of 12% on the amount invested per year, which may increase to 24.13% in some cases, as it did last year, according to them. <br /><br /> They claim that all containers purchased by the company are fully trackable, and that everyone will have full legal rights to the containers purchased. The majority of them are independent trackers in various countries who act as recipients of the container owners' money, which is then transferred to the scammer's account in those countries. The majority of the accounts are from underdeveloped countries that have no affiliation with the company. <br /><br /> These companies invest heavily in public relations activities, such as paying different blog owners to write fabricated reviews about how great they are and how Pacific Tycoon helped them get the best investments, among other things. They frequently post fake reviews about their company on forums in order to gain the trust of their customers. However, further investigation will reveal how the company has defrauded thousands of people and how many people have lost all of their life savings as a result of it. <br /><br /> As a precautionary measure, it is frequently stated that if you want to invest in containers and other stuff, it is recommended that you do extensive research on all such stuff before you decide to invest in containers. Simply put, avoid container investments as much as possible."""

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