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Power of Illusion, Power of Illusion

Power of Illusion, Power of Illusion
"""In my previous articles, I highlighted the fatal flaws of the current ruling paradigm, materialism, which is based on dualistic thinking. Materialism not only fails to explain many essential aspects of our reality, but it also fails in its logical structure.

Even though evidence for all of these phenomena is well documented and statistically unassailable, materialism fails to explain past life recall, reincarnation, near death experience, telepathy, telekinesis, and so on. Materialism fails to explain the origins of life on Earth, speciation, consciousness... and yet science appears to be clinging to this false belief system, this illusion, at all costs.

Materialism also fails on the basis of internal logic; matter, which materialism regards as fundamental, is convertible into energy and energy into matter. Without a doubt, nuclear energy and particle accelerators perform this conversion on a daily basis. This conversion would be impossible if matter were truly fundamental, the ultimate foundation of all existence.

To convert matter into energy and energy into matter, there must be a common functioning principle through which the conversion occurs... and the CFP of matter/energy must be more fundamental than either matter or energy. Matter and energy are the polar opposites of whatever the more fundamental CFP is.

Illusionary belief has enormous power; mainstream science is constrained by false belief, by illusion. Materialist science's dogmas are based on illusion; no evidence demonstrating the failure of the dominant paradigm or illusion is examined or even admitted to exist. Except for a few outliers who investigate reality in defiance of mainstream dogma, the taboo against such investigation is far too powerful.

History is filled with examples of the power of illusion; when the illusion that the Earth is flat prevailed, voyagers were afraid to travel out to sea because they would 'fall off the edge'. When Galileo demonstrated that the Earth is not the center of the universe, the powers that be... in his case, Catholic cardinals... refused to look through his telescope. Examining the evidence was prohibited by taboo. Looking and seeing would have meant admitting that their beliefs, or illusions, were incorrect.

Eventually all illusion is shattered; once the illusion of a flat earth vanished, sailors crossed the seas without any fear of 'falling off the edge'. Science and cosmology advanced without hindrance once the illusion that the Earth is at the center of the universe was dispelled.

The most powerful illusion of all is the illusion of power. Real power is confused with the illusion of power. The US military is widely regarded as the most powerful in the world. The destructive power of this military's arsenal of guns, bullets, rockets, and bombs is undeniable. The illusion is that this terrible power is controlled by a single man, the Commander in Chief. The illusion is that hundreds of thousands of people act on the whim of a single person; that the 'chain of command' represents real power.

The chain of command is an illusion, and it only has power if and only if the illusion remains intact. Mutinies, military takeovers, revolutions, and civil wars are all manifestations of shattered illusion. Illusion loses its power when it is shattered. Even if TPTB makes extraordinary efforts to keep an illusion alive, this is the fate of all illusions.

In the Soviet military, once regarded as the second most powerful on the planet, communist 'commissars' accompanied the troops... to ensure that orders were obeyed, that the illusions of Communism were maintained, even if it meant death. Indoctrination, brainwashing, and threats are used to maintain the status quo, the ruling illusion... but the illusion eventually crumbles, and the power of the illusion fades.

We are currently witnessing the destruction and impending breakdown of a major illusion's power. Ebola is a terrible disease, but it brings another illusion to light. If Ebola truly goes 'viral,' the illusion of mainstream medicine's power will be shattered at an astonishing rate.

An American doctor revealed the illusion in a recent interview by pointing to its heart. Many other doctors see the truth, see through the illusion... see truth that is being withheld by 'the powers that be', with the excuse that 'we must act to prevent panic'.

Another American doctor, who recently returned from Sierra Leone, has demonstrated that Ebola can be treated with a simple blood treatment using ozone. Blood ozonation kills the Ebola virus and aids in immune system regulation. The proximate cause of symptoms and death appears to be an overreaction of the immune system to viral invasion; Ebola is an autoimmune disease.

The powers that be refuse to allow ozone treatment... because it is taboo, because it contradicts the current belief that vaccination is the solution... and, to be blunt, there is no money to be made from ozone therapy. Vaccines are profitable, and ozone is dirt cheap.

The reality is that ozone treatment is prohibited... at the risk of a doctor's license being revoked. However, this 'license to practice' is merely a piece of paper. Who cares about a piece of paper when death is imminent? Despite threats from 'TPTB,' many doctors continue to obey. The threat of Ebola death outweighs the threat of losing the piece of paper.

The true power lies in the ability to heal, not in the piece of paper. The power of truth will easily overcome illusion as the truth emerges that a cheap, safe, and simple method to cure the horror of Ebola exists, and that some doctors are using this method to save lives. The medical establishment's power will crumble and scatter like chaff in the wind.

This brings us full circle to the most pernicious and damaging illusion of all: the belief that government-issued paper with numbers printed on it is money. This pernicious illusion underpins the ability to control and manipulate the global economy in favor of the perpetrators at the expense of the rest of humanity, the victims.

The illusion of Fiat'money' contains enormous power... but, like all illusions, it is susceptible to being shattered by truth. When the illusion of 'faith and credit' that purportedly underpins Fiat currencies is destroyed, a new era of real money will emerge. Gold is real money, not paper notes that can be borrowed indefinitely. Fiat's illusions and lies will be replaced by truth.

Just as the power of a gun is real, but the ability to direct where the gun is aimed is an illusion, and the power to cure disease is real, but the license to cure is an illusion... the power of gold to extinguish debt is real, but the power of fiat is an illusion."""

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