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Interest Rates are Influenced by 5 Factors!

Interest Rates are Influenced by 5 Factors!
"""We frequently read or hear a lot of information (some of it accurate) about interest rates and some of the potential factors that may impact them, as well as how they affect other things! Although it does not always appear, these rates are generally created and exist as a result of some conditions or combinations, either actual or, perhaps, concerns/fears, etc. While many factors come into play in this area, this article will focus on five specific factors! Because of the associated costs and how they may be related to other key economic areas, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and address these, as well as why they are important considerations.

1. Overall economic strengths and weaknesses: Times and conditions are rarely static, but rather constantly changing, evolving, and having different implications from one moment to the next! Regardless of the specific strengths and weaknesses, overall economic policy and approaches must be considered and used wisely and in a relevant, sustainable manner at any point. Historically, rates rise when there is a fear of inflation and fall when there appears to be a need to reduce the cost of borrowing. For example, when interest rates are low, we usually see a corresponding drop in mortgage costs, which makes housing more affordable and desirable for most people. Lower interest rates often help to boost the overall economy by encouraging individuals and businesses to spend more, which puts more money into the economy!

2. Federal Reserve Bank moves: The Federal Reserve Bank frequently uses interest rates as a strategic approach to addressing either current needs or future concerns and possibilities! When inflation appears to be a real risk, they frequently tighten the money supply, whereas other times they want to encourage, increasing the overall money supply, and so on. Some regard these as quality moves, while others fear that they are sometimes politically motivated manipulation!

3. Concerns about inflation/recession/balance: When/ if the money - professionals/ experts believe it is needed, and/ or necessary, a degree of mild inflation is possibly, desired/ desirable! The Federal Rates frequently determine items such as: rates paid by banks to depositors (interest); rates paid by banks to borrow; money costs to corporations/companies; and so on. Furthermore, they trickle - down, to other parts of the economy, and so on. For example, when interest rates are low, the stock market often becomes more appealing because competition for quality investment alternatives is reduced!

4. Future prediction/confidence: Fear/concern for the future frequently determines policy! A direct relationship does not always exist!

5. Job market: When inflation is under control and the job market is relatively strong, it frequently influences policy in this economic/financial sector! There is frequently an assessment of how any action might produce a reaction, both in the short and long term!

The more familiar we are with economic realities, the better we can predict the best course of action. Will you commit to becoming a more informed citizen and consumer?"""

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