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Companies that can receive funding from European funds

Companies that can receive funding from European funds
"""You should consider yourself fortunate if you decided to start your own business with European funds. European funding is available for a wide range of businesses, as long as they are founded on inspired ideas and have the potential to become profitable, thereby benefiting society.

Here are some business concepts that may be eligible for European funds.

European funds are being allocated to health.

Health is a generous field for launching various activities that benefit both investors and society. If you are a dentist, you can use European Union funds to open a dental practice. If you work in another medical specialty, you can do the same thing. You can purchase the necessary cabinet equipment using European funds. Try to locate the office in a location where the services you wish to provide are absolutely necessary.

Mushroom or aromatic plant cultivation

Growing mushrooms or plant cultivation may appear to be an unusual business idea with European funds, but it can be successful. Agriculture is one of the industries that has benefited from European funds and has been profitable.

If you adhere to European Union standards, you will find it easier to obtain contracts to sell your plants not only in the country, but also abroad.

Solar energy is a rising star among European-funded businesses.

Many of us now prioritize environmental protection and green energy production. You cannot fail to access funds from the European Union with such a business idea now and in the future. It is a future business concept that addresses the concerns of people concerned about the future of the planet.

Virtual reality and photography

Do you want to own a film studio or are you interested in virtual reality games? Both activities are funded by the European Commission. With the funds obtained, all of the necessary equipment can be purchased.

Catering services are available.

We all need to eat, but few people have the time to prepare meals. You can assist them by financing a catering company. People will be pleased to eat healthy and tasty foods, whether they are traditional or internationally inspired.

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