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Money's Ignorance and Nations' Ungodliness

Money's Ignorance and Nations' Ungodliness
"""Leaders who claim to be doing the people's work are actually lining their own pockets and achieving status that suits their ego. This is how the world works, and democracy feeds into it. After my reincarnation, I am astounded by the extreme corruption and depth of misconceptions that have transformed the world into the realm of 666. People's inability to test things is both a source of amazement and the reason they are successful.

With the Australian elections now over and a hug parliament likely, politicians' recriminations against their opponents are atrocious. Instead of blaming their poor governance, the Prime Minister targeted the other parties' campaigns and labeled the facts they produced as lies.

The American elections are taking on a similar tone, with the blame game already in full swing. Money, while at the heart of the world's problems, is also the target of these politicians. Who is the best financial manager and who can generate wealth for the people appears to be high on many voters' priority lists.

What they don't realize is that money is an invention that is heavily manipulated by economists who learn the trade through tertiary education courses. Spiritual power, on the other hand, is something we are born with rather than something we can learn. That is, the Spirit is the only guide, and everything happens under its supervision.

Money has no place in the Old Testament prophecies, and it is never mentioned because the economy was established by Constantine, the Emperor. He is described in Revelation 13:13-18 as the one who founded the Catholic Church and invented Jesus Christ. He appropriated the old term for'spirit,' 'Jesus,' and gave it to his image, which is why it has power.

He forced everyone to worship his new god, and he re-established Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, as the Mother of God and the Supreme God of the universe. It is the sun, and the sun-star of Islam is the symbol that reigns over all religions. They originated in Babylon, and Constantine was given the number 666. (Revelation 13:18).

People cannot see or perceive their folly because they are obsessed with money and dream of an eternal life in the sky. The facts are that everyone who has ever lived is now reincarnated (Isaiah 26:19), and reincarnation proves that heaven and hell are myths. There is only one true God, and that is the Spirit of the universe, who is now judging the world and removing evil from it (Isaiah 45:4-8).

The Internet is the promised Mountain of God for the last days (Micah 4:1), and it is spreading the truth throughout the world. Everyone has access to it, and God speaks to them (Jeremiah 25:31,33) and explains the conflict it has with the nations. Only the spiritual have the ability to listen and learn from it, while the rest will absorb and believe the lies."""

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